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At Clover Carpet  we understand that you don't just need a new carpet, or an extremely clean one, you need these services to have potential benefit in the future. That's why here at Clover we have developed several techniques, and services to prolong your carpets life, and cleanliness. We do standard cleanings, and also specialize in high end cleanings, such as silk area rugs, and upholstery, velvet upholstery and so on, with the trained skills and knowledge our workers posses, we can clean any material you desire.


Interim Carpet Cleaning


Basically, all places whether commercial or residential have those high-traffic area. Naturally they become more dirty than other areas due to the amount of foot traffic,and its prone to accidents, like your morning coffee spill when you are half awake.  Clover Carpet has the interim plan designed for high traffic area cleanings, which will extend the longevity of your carpets, cut down on total cleaning frequency. and maybe more cost efficient to your pocket or business.


Carpet Deodorizer


At Clover Carpet our user friendly professional-strength Carpet-Deodorizer neutralizes odors by exterminating them at their source. These Strong yet OCEA approved friendly to you and your family deodorizers, start working instantly to show you how good your carpets can smell once again.


Carpet Protection


After our cleaning we can optionally apply our Professional-grade carpet protector.  Ask us about Fiber shield or OMS Protection. These molecules act as a shield for any fabrics, from wall paper, lamp shades, to drapes and carpet. It acts as a semi permeable substance preventing dust, air born bacteria and viruses actually embedding themselves into your fabrics, while lacking odor, and color distortion ,and staying safe for yourself, children, and pets. It will extend your carpets beauty and longevity, with a little bonus of giving you just the right amount of time extra for those unexpected spills.


Spot Carpet Cleaning


No matter where you live or work, spills occur, stains appear whether their is someone to blame or not. Don't worry about it, Clover Carpets spot cleaning service will eliminate the stain completely hardly ever leaving it to turn to a fully stained area. Our solutions wile extremely powerful, have no optical discoloration, and don't break down carpet fibers. leaving your carpets healthy for others and respectably clean every time.


Wall to Wall Services


For smaller rooms, and Large rooms, From small business owners to Large Corporations, Clover Carpet is just a call away, ready to have a certified technician tend to the cleanliness you desire, answer your questions, and provide the services you  deserve. Go ahead and give us a call at (201) 560- 7822



Differences Between Upholstery Steam Cleaning and Upholstery Dry Cleaning- When Clover Carpet comes to do your estimate, you let us know what furniture you would like us to clean, and we will let you know what method of cleaning is necessary. Steam cleaning works just as it sounds. We use extremely hot water with a mixture of soap to lather the fabric, and immediately extract the water based solution with a high power vacuum, also extracting the air born bacteria, dust, viruses, and filth stored in the fabric. leaving the fabric extremely clean, and not effecting the optical color, texture and over all appearance, besides being noticeably more clean. However, some materials simply can NOT be steam cleaned. For example, silks, and velvets will be permanently damaged if large sums of water are being used to clean them. In these scenarios we use a Safe and green friendly solution known as Dry Cleaning Solution. It is not water based, and will NOT damage your fabrics, and still be able to get them clean!


Upholstery Cleaning- Include Dry or steam cleanings, which will be determined with a free no obligation estimate, furniture such as Sofas, dining room chairs, club chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans, and so on will fit into this category, let us know what exactly you'd like to have cleaned and we ill inform you the process required. Give us a call at our main phone line or email us through the free estimate link found at the bottom of any page.


Drapery/Shade Cleaning- Whether you have Valence, Roman, Standard, Black-Out or any type of Drape or shade, singles, or combination, we will be able to either steam or dry clean them. Give us a call or find out the cost with the simple click of a button. Get your Free no obligation estimate today from the Owner of the company personally.


Leather Cleanings- We can clean and polish and sorts or leather in your home, weather the leather be on the arms of your favorite chair, or the entire chair, and the ottoman that goes with it. The binding on your area rug(s) or an entire sofa. Its not a problem at all, and wed be happy to clean, polish, and restore your new or old leather items to look as you desire. through a multistage process wed be happy to explain, just give us a call at 201 560 7822 or click the estimate button to schedule your free no obligation estimate today.


Miscellaneous Fabrics

.Lamp shades

.Head boards

.Base boards




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